Revisiting an old friend … with a twist

This time of year is my family’s most active time for celebrations. Everything seems to happen early in the year.  We all have our birthdays between January and March.  Let’s not forget we recently had Christmas (it seems so long ago now!) … New Year … and of course there are signs of Easter slowly creeping up on us.  Probably won’t know what to do with ourselves after that.  *twiddles thumbs*

February is also the month when my parents have their wedding anniversary.  This week they celebrated 47 years together.  Not a bad innings all up and they have their sights firmly on getting to their 50th.  I certainly hope so.

As always, we celebrated this remarkable achievement with cake, or tart to be more precise.   My mum loves my ricotta tart so it was a good time to make it again. Sure, that means I didn’t make anything new to add here, but of course that doesn’t mean I didn’t change anything … *evil grin*

It was a good chance to update the main photo for that first recipe post, for starters.  Not that I’m claiming the new photos are much better, but you do get a clearer view of the tart so that has to count for something 😀

As usual, I took the opportunity to vary it a little so for those of you interested, you might like to try this variation out.

To the pastry, I added a teaspoon of ground cinnamon.  Subtle, but it gave the pastry an extra little something.

For the filling, I used fresh buffalo milk ricotta.  I love buffalo ricotta.  It’s usually more suited to savoury dishes but it was brilliant in this tart.  Instead of the pure cream, I used a thick crème fraîche to give the filling a little tang.

I also cut back a bit on the chocolate (quelle horreur!!).  I used a scant 20 grams of 100% cacao chocolate and I grated it.  This allowed the chocolate to distribute more evenly throughout the tart and using the 100% cacao bar meant the flavour was more intense so I could use less.  Which chocolate?  Willie’s 100% Cacao.  This time I used the Peruvian Black – San Martin.  I’m still working my way through some of the varieties and they are really good.

All up, I was really pleased with the result.  The flavours were lovely and a slightly fresh twist on an old favourite, without changing it too much.  The full recipe can be found in the original post: Torta di Ricotta Siciliana.

Congratulations to my beautiful parents.  Wishing them a wonderful 48th year together and many more to come.

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