Blueberry & Lemon Protein Loaves


Wait for it … this doesn’t look like a protein snack or bar or whatever … does it?  Doesn’t taste like it’s a pre-workout thang either.  It’s kinda dainty and, dare I say it, girly.  Well, don’t let appearances fool you.  Don’t even let the mmmm yumumumumum taste fool you either.  These are a fantastic part of a pre-workout meal or snack.  You can pack ’em up to take on the road with you during a busy day.  Plus, Spring has sprung here and blueberries are a very dainty sunny berry, perfect for a lighter protein snack.  What was that about appearances?  Yeah, like us girls, blueberries are seriously powerful beings.  I have them all year round … fresh, frozen, and now even dried wild blueberries.

A week ago, I had just returned from a week away in Port Douglas.  Remember I said I was being all healthy while on holiday?  I seem to be keeping up the good work.  I’m impressed … hope it lasts!   Yes, I made brownies but in the end I managed to eat only half of one, for posterity.

Dear desserts, it seems I’m just not that into you right now.   (OK, I still love making them).

Let me share with you my favourite part of the day in Port Douglas … watching the sunrise as I walked 12km along Four Mile Beach in the mornings.  Beautiful, isn’t it?   Just wanted to share it with you, as it’s one of my favourite places in the world.  It inspires me to keep up with the healthy habits for spring and summer too.

Back to the food!

Remember I mentioned I’d bought some frozen egg whites before heading off on holiday?  But I didn’t use them, because I totally failed to cut that slippery eel of a frozen block of albumen into portions, and feared risking life and limb when attempting it?

Enter the FEW (aka Frozen Egg Whites) into the arena (aka the kitchen bench).

Enter MY MUM wielding a CLEAVER and a MEAT MALLET.  Ten seconds later we had 4 equal portions and no blood spatter, no medical emergencies.  Crisis averted.  She looked so smug.  I was only a bit afraid.  Italian mothers rock … as funny as they are awesome.  😀

So what’s with the FEW?  I owe that little moniker to Maree, a dear, lovely gal who lives in abject terror of frozen egg whites.  She finds the concept horrifying and teases me rather mercilessly about my commitment to using FEW.  So now that’s what I call them.  This is my first experiment in using them in baking and I’m very pleased with the outcome.   They were brilliant in this recipe, just the same as using fresh egg whites.  They frothed up nicely, although you’d never use them to make meringue.  Pasteurisation appears to break down some of the structure in the egg white that lends volume and stability to a meringue.   But you can still get some aeration going so that baked goods will be light in texture and rise properly.  Hooray.

These blueberry and lemon loaves are just proteintastic.  The texture is open and light, they’re moist, not too sweet, and totally YUMUMUMUMUM.

Fat molecules are conspicuous by their general absence but there is lots of protein, friendly carbs, and truckloads of flavour.  I’ve included the nutritional information below, as usual.  Two loaves gives you 31.8 grams of protein.  Normally, I use fresh blueberries but I’m quite liking some dried wild blueberries I bought recently, so if you love those, try them as they work a treat.  Very intense and of course, the combination of blueberry and lemon just has pound-cakey goodness written all over it … without the pounds 🙂

I’m dedicating this recipe to Maree, for showing me just how funny this FEW obsession has become, and to Anna at Protein Pow(d)er, for inspiring this recipe.  She is the queen of protein powder cookery and I’ve learned mucho about how to use different protein sources from her blog.

These loaves are fantabulous sliced and topped with fresh ricotta and more blueberries.  I also tried them with some homemade chocolate almond spread.  Sensational.  Almond butter, another winner.  On their own, can’t go wrong.  But my favourite is the ricotta and blueberry topping.

Hello breakfast.  WHOAAAAAA.  Too too good.

These loaves won’t cause bloating or discomfort before or during a workout.  Of course, they’re also great post workout.  They do contain some fibre but I didn’t add much in the way of fibre rich ingredients as these make for a great pre-workout or pre-race snack and a high-fibre snack beforehand can cause discomfort for some.  Lab tested by moi 🙂

This recipe is also gluten-free and good for anyone with issues relating to malabsorption of fructose and/or fructans.  If lactose is a problem, you could substitute soy yoghurt or lactose-free yoghurt in this recipe.

I store leftovers in the refrigerator and let them come to room temperature before eating, as they contain no added fats.  You could blitz them in a microwave for 10 seconds.  Click on the pic and check  out that lovely texture … mmmm.

Wonder if the guys will like them?  You tell me.  These give you the old energy to move, power to lift.  Of course.

This recipe is included in the Protein Baking Evolved cookbook.  Get your copy here!

Nutritional Information

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