Banana Coconut Chocolate Chip Blondies

Dear Reader,

I have sinned.  It’s been fifty-four days since my last blog post … and my guilt and remorse are of astronomical proportions.

I’m sure you’ve all moved on with your lives while I’ve been in the process of having my blog site totally revamped with a brand new look and a stylish and witty logo (the logo is fabulous. I love it!).  It is taking longer than I had originally anticipated (doesn’t everything in life?).  But we’re working hard on it because it has to be just right.  For you … and for me.   It’ll be worth the wait.  I promise 🙂

I really shouldn’t post anything right now.  But … but … I’ve hung on to this recipe for, like, forever, and it’s just screaming to be shared with you.   I was going to post this after the blog is relaunched and well, it is still going to be there as the new site takes over.  Only now you get these bars as a pre-launch bonus!

Because these are sensational bars.  Banana.  Chocolate.  Coconut.  Chocolate chips.  More chocolate is good.  There has been a lot of chocolate in my kitchen over the last month or two … and sure, I’ve posted a few chocolate protein brownies lately.

Well, not lately.  Fifty four days ago at least  :O

Let’s not go there … let’s just move over to something sweet and oh so bad for you but oh so good.   A little wicked indulgence.  Plus, they’re not brownies.  They’re blondies!
Are they gluten-free?  Absolutely.

Are they dairy free?  Yes, they most certainly are.

Are they low FODMAP?  Heck yeah!  You think I make these so I can watch everyone else eat them while I look on, in deprivation and despair?  I’m crazy but I still have my wits about me 😉

You want some of that gooey, sweet lusciousness?  Yes?  Of course, you do.   Here you go then …

Enjoy 🙂

Makes 9 blondies

210 grams very ripe banana, flesh only (about 4 small or 2 very large)
125 grams soft brown sugar
155 grams (3 large) whole eggs
75 grams virgin coconut oil, melted and cooled
50 grams coconut flour
1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste or 1/2 vanilla bean, scraped of seeds
2 teaspoons baking powder (gluten-free)
60 grams good quality dark chocolate chips

60 grams good quality dark chocolate or couverture at 70%
shredded coconut (I use organic unsweetened coconut)

Preheat the oven to 180℃.  Line the base and sides of a 20 centimetre square pan with non-stick baking paper.  Set aside.

Cut the banana into pieces or mash with a fork.  Place the banana in the large bowl of a mixer, fitted with the paddle attachment.  Add the brown sugar to the bowl.  Mix on low to medium speed until the banana and sugar are creamy and mostly smooth.  It doesn’t have to be 100% smooth, a little banana texture is a grand thing!

Add the eggs and mix until smooth.  Add the coconut oil, coconut flour, vanilla, and baking powder.  Mix until smooth.

Finally add the chocolate chips and mix or fold them in.

Transfer the batter to the prepared tin and bake for 25 minutes or until just golden and set.  The blondies should still be soft but just cooked through.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool until just warm, in the tin, on a wire rack.   Trim the edges if you like (I do) and cut into nine bars.

They are fantastic even in their undressed state … actually, they are really good like this while still warm and topped with banana ice cream.

Good, huh?  What, you still need persuading?  Here it is …

They’re also pretty darn good dressed up.  With chocolate.  What else?  Seriously, what were the odds? 😛

The amount of chocolate for decorating these is merely a rough guide.  It depends on how much chocolate drizzle you wish to add … or just smear it on because, hey, you’re not taking pictures of it … you just want to eat them, right?  RIGHT!

Anyway, melt the chocolate or couverture in a bowl over simmering water or in a microwave (use two or three 30 second bursts then stir until fully melted).   Stir until it cools slightly.  Fill a small piping bag (even a zip lock plastic bag will do).  This is the hard part because, well … I just want to eat the chocolate with a spoon.

Snip the tip and pipe the chocolate on to each blondie in whatever pattern makes you happy.  Or skip all that and just drizzle it on with a spoon or spread it on with an offset spatula or knife.

I used Valrhona Guanaja this time but Michel Cluizel’s Vila Gracinda would be awesome!   Again, you could stop here because now, semi-dressed, I think they are at their supreme best 🙂

Oh wait, you really like coconut with your banana and chocolate?  Yes, I don’t mind it either.  OK, just to add a little extra pizzazz, sprinkle some shredded coconut over the top of each blondie.  Don’t wait around procrastinating about it … this is best done before the chocolate sets so that the coconut will adhere to the chocolate and won’t blow away at the mere hint of a breeze 😉

There you go … tah dah!!!!!!!!

Now, you just need to sit back and EAT them.  Possibly all of them.   In one sitting.

They’re very moreish …

If you happen to have a will of iron, they keep for up to a week stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry spot.  Yeah, right!  Not in this house, baby!

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