Lemon and Blueberry Protein Coffee Cake

I’d like to say this cake is guilt-free or that it is not a cheat meal … but I don’t subscribe to the notion of cheat meals, nor to the idea that food should ever cause feelings of guilt.   I just don’t buy into that dogma.  It implies that some foods or food groups are somehow wrong and by eating them we should be punished.   The language speaks volumes.  Cheating.  Guilt.

Real food is never bad.  What is bad, is not having a healthy respect for food.  By eating too quickly and not enjoying it or appreciating it. By using it as an emotional crutch.  Demonising and excluding whole food groups without good cause (e.g. good reasons such as allergies, intestinal disorders, food intolerances and sensitivities).  I just wish we didn’t relate to food with feelings of denial.  That kind of thinking leads to binge eating, poor relationships with food and, in more extreme cases, serious eating disorders.

What I do believe is that there should be a balance.  That we should make healthy wholesome food the cornerstone of our diet.  You don’t need funky super foods … all real food is super food.  Just ask your grandmother 🙂  There is also a place for the sugary, buttery confections most of us love to have … they are a wonderful part of celebrating life.

Julia Child quote

Exactly.  Bravo, Julia!

When we indulge in cake, we should do so with something wonderful.  It should be worth it.  You want to enjoy it.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t allow cake to play a small part in making every day a celebration … and making it healthy and full of nutritional goodness.  I’m often bewildered that some of my healthy treat recipes result in people telling me oh, I can’t wait until I can have this as my cheat meal!  Cheat meal?  Where’s the cheating?  I look at these as part of a healthy, balanced diet.  They have their place, just as fruit does.  You don’t have to have them everyday, but they’re hardly a departure from a balanced diet, whatever your goals.  There is usually something for everyone … whatever your macro allowances for the day or week.

No guilt.  No cheating.  No shame.  No denial.  🙂

This cake is a classic coffeecake, full of lemon and blueberry goodness.  It’s incredibly light, has a wonderful coffeecake crumb and texture and you would never guess that’s it is not your garden variety coffeecake.  It is also gluten and sugar free, and suitable for anyone on a low fructose diet … because some of us have to deal with that.

It is also insanely delicious and makes for an awesome post workout meal with some yoghurt dolloped liberally on the side and more fresh berries on top.  It is also great for breakfast or a snack.   No fresh berries left?  A dollop of peanut butter is pretty good on top too.  Yes, I’ve tried it and can vouch wholeheartedly for it!

I made this cake for my mum’s birthday and she absolutely loved it.

I hope you enjoy it!!  Sans guilt, OK?


This recipe is available in the Protein Baking Evolved cookbook.  Get your copy here!

Macronutrient Profile

I have included macros based on the ingredients as stated in the recipe.  If you make any substitutions or additions, you will need to factor these in.

Lemon Blueberry Protein Coffeecake_macros