Guest Post: Tiramisù a là Gourmantine


I wish I had the time to follow and read more food blogs, but the reality is that I don’t.   So I only consistently stalk follow a select few that I absolutely could not live without.  For their recipes, witty repartee, or a shared aesthetic sensibility, and because I love what they do and how they do it.  One of the very first blogs I followed and one of my very first blogger friends when I started this little number, is the brilliant Gourmantine, and its gorgeous, talented, and creative star, Gintare.   She had not been blogging for very long either but I was so struck by her delightful posts, enticing recipes, and her photos that so beautifully capture moments in time and can transport you to another world.

Yes, I am a fan, and we have become blogger pals, for which I am so very grateful.   We may have very different styles, but we have some common sensibilities.  In fact, I think the tray in these photos is very similar to one that i have too, but Gintare’s styling is just so beautiful, isn’t it?  She continues to inspire me and I never miss a post 🙂

If you are not already familiar with Gintare’s blog, please head over there and check it out.  She has a wonderful cookbook also available and will be releasing another.  Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to get a glimpse of what will be featured in her upcoming book.

But for now, a special treat.  Say hello to my beautiful friend and her lovely rendition of a classic Tiramisù.   Because you can never have too much Tiramisù.  This one gets the Chocolate Chilli Mango stamp of approval for authenticity.


I am so thrilled to be writing here. I have been a fan of Viviane’s marvellous work ever since our paths crossed in the first years of dabbling in the blogging sphere. It has been an immense pleasure of finding a kindred spirit across the globe and following her work as it blossomed and continues to grow. Thank you so much Viviane for inviting me, you’re an inspiration and I am happy to be calling you a friend.

As I was pondering of a particular recipe to suit such occasion, my mind went directly to chocolate. It’s a weakness, a crowd pleaser, and probably one of the greatest things ever invented, and I know Viviane has a soft spot for chocolate too.

I know there are as many recipes for tiramisù as leaves on the ground in autumn, but for a dessert consisting of boozy soaked biscuits, layered with pillowy cream and a little chocolate, there is always a place in my heart. The cream for this particular one comes from Italian friends of mine, and it is so light and addictive that it earned a place in the pages of my cookbook.

I prefer serving tiramisù in individual glasses, which makes it easier to handle and looks elegant on the table, but it can also be made in one dish and served as a centrepiece.

The key to a good tiramisù is time of course. Once made it should be given at least 12 hours of fridge time to set and for flavours to develop. If you are in a hurry, it will be great even right after assembly, but wait overnight and it will be simply divine.   Best of all, it takes but a few minutes to prepare.  Easy.

I hope you will give the chocolate tiramisù a go to sweeten your weekend and thank you again Viviane so much for inviting me to your lovely place!


Guest Post: Tiramisù a là Gourmantine

Yield: 6 servings


1-2 cups espresso, chilled

1 box of ladyfingers

few dashes of Baileys (optional)

3 oz/100 g dark chocolate shaved

Mascarpone Cream

3 eggs, separated

4 tablespoons white sugar

9 oz/ 250g mascarpone

pinch of salt


Cream egg yolks and sugar together, till pale and doubled in size. Stir in mascarpone cream.

Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt till stiff peaks, and gently fold in the mascarpone cream.

If using liqueur, add it to the coffee.

Dip ladyfingers for about 4 seconds in coffee then layer on the bottom of the dish, spoon over some cream, sprinkle with chocolate, and repeat with the remaining, finishing with chocolate shavings.

Leave to set in the fridge for at least 6 hours, or overnight would be best.


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