Chocolate Strawberry Protein Loaf

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I rather like the idea of chocifying the world.  Heck, the whole universe is better with a little chocolate shared around.

If someone tells me they don’t like brussel sprouts, my response is usually … Well, you can’t be expected to love all the foods.

But, if someone tells me they don’t like chocolate, it’s usually followed by an awkward silence.  I may even raise an eyebrow, before I reply … I can fix that for you.

A dislike of chocolate is something that I can’t comprehend on any level (I’ve checked down to the subatomic, elementary particle level.  Nope, does not compute).   My hypothesis is that everyone can love chocolate, if it’s prepared in a way that will appeal to them, and I’m happy to keep testing that theory 😀

It makes me sad when I hear someone say I don’t (can’t) eat chocolate.  I am dieting.

Chocolate does not make you fat.  Eating too much overall will make us fat.

If chocolate intrinsically made us fat, I’d be the size of a large office complex by now.  I am not, for the record.  I’m rather petite actually 😉

So here is a light chocolatey and fruity loaf that is awesomely macro friendly, easy to throw together in a single bowl, and bakes in 20 minutes.

It’s also full of good things, low FODMAP, and can be adapted easily.

I added strawberries and pushed some of them into the batter and left others close to the top.  The Queensland strawberry season has just got underway and I’ve been lucky enough to score some beautifully sweet and plump fruits.

If you prefer another berry or fruit, add that instead or maybe some nut butter dolloped or swirled in for effect.

Chocolate for breakfast, yes.  Why not?

Breakfast, snack, or dessert … it hits the spot.

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I’ve mentioned before that my mother loathes chocolate.  A perfect testing subject for my experiments in proving anyone can love chocolate.

Guess who has been eating this loaf for breakfast this week?  Yes, exactly.

Seems she loves chocolate best when it’s added as cacao or when mixed with hazelnuts in a gianduja.  You see?  There is always a way 😉


This recipe is included in the Protein Baking Evolved cookbook.  Get your copy here!

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Macronutrient Profile

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