Protein Pancakes with Maple Caramelised Figs & Bacon

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I missed Pancake Tuesday completely.  But then, so what?  Why make a huge deal about having pancakes on a “once a year” occasion when, let’s face it, every Sunday is pancake day!

Wait … every day is a valid pancake day 🙂

I have put various photos of these babies on Instagram and Facebook lately.  Great macros, gluten-free, low fructose, and just really really delicious.

I have been making these over and over in recent weeks and never tire of them.  One of my favourite all-purpose protein pancake recipes ever.

You can make these lactose free (and low FODMAP) by using a lactose free yoghurt or completely dairy free by using a good coconut yoghurt.

If you are not usually a fan of bacon with maple and pancakes, this might just change your mind.  I can highly recommend substituting banana for the figs.  It’s unbelievable.

But when figs are in season, try this.  Figs and pork are amazing together.  Figs and prosciutto crudo is a classic Italian combination.  Figs and bacon are awesomesauce.  Add maple and you pole vault over all sense of decency into foodgasm territory.   Did I mention bacon?

I hope the pics are okay.  While my kitchen appliances continue to break down, blow up, and act out all manner of drawn out death scenes … my camera lens decided to get a piece of the action and came apart in two pieces.  My blog life is becoming beyond farcical.   But I soldier on 🙂

Thank the gods for my new smartphone’s awesome camera.  It’s not perfect, but will have to do for today’s post.

Macros below the recipe, as usual.

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Protein Pancakes with Maple Caramelised Figs & Bacon

Yield: Makes 6 – 8 pancakes (Serves 1 – 2)

Serving Size: 3 – 4 pancakes (or the whole recipe!)

This recipe is low fructose but can be made totally low FODMAP by substituting a lactose free yoghurt. Substitute a coconut yoghurt to make it completely dairy free, if required.

Remember these substitutions will affect the final macronutrient breakdown.

The recipe serves 1 or 2 people, depending on how hungry you are 🙂


150 grams egg whites (or whole egg, if you prefer)

150 grams non fat plain Greek yoghurt

10 millilitres 100% maple syrup (or sugar free)

14 grams coconut flour

30 grams unflavoured pea protein isolate (or vanilla)

2 grams Heilala whole ground vanilla bean powder (or 5 millilitres vanilla bean paste)

5 grams baking powder

pinch of sea salt

Caramelised Figs

Per Fig

60 grams ripe purple fig (one medium to large or 2 small)

2 grams unsalted butter

5 millilitres 100% maple syrup (or sugar free)

pinch of Heilala whole ground vanilla bean powder

Bacon, grilled, to serve


Blend all ingredients together until smooth.

Let sit for 10 minutes to let the baking powder activate.

The batter is thicker and creamier than a typical pancake batter, so don’t be alarmed!

Cook the pancakes using whatever you prefer to cook your pancakes with. I really like a little butter for these but your favourite oil or cooking spray is fine too.

Once cooked, stack and keep warm.

Caramelised Figs

Heat the butter, maple syrup, and vanilla in a small pan. The amounts given in the recipe for the butter and maple syrup are enough for 1 medium to large fig. Adjust according to your taste.

Cut the figs in half.

Once bubbling, add the figs face down and cook until just starting to soften. Turn over and coat well with the maple butter.

To serve, stack the pancakes on serving plates. Top with the grilled bacon and fig halves.

Drizzle with the leftover maple butter from cooking the figs.

Serve immediately.

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Nutritional Profile

I have included the macros for the full recipe and per serve for the pancakes on their own.  I have also included the macros for the caramelised fig.  This gives you a guide to work from.

You will need to add in the macros for the bacon you use as this varies depending on the kind of bacon you prefer and how much you use 🙂

Caramelised Figs_MACROS
Caramelised Figs
Maple Bacon Pancakes MACROS_Full Recipe
Full Recipe Macros
Maple Bacon Pancakes MACROS_Per Serve
Macros Per Serve