Crazy about Nutella

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You all know I love chocolate and hazelnuts.  It is by far my most favourite food combination ever.  In the universe.   Judging by the Nutella body of evidence, most of the world seems to concur.

If you have been around this blog long enough or, at least, have paid attention, you also know I have little regard for what passes for Nutella these days.  I sum up Nutella as “may contain traces of hazelnuts and cacao”.  Or maybe not.

Nestlé took all the good things out and put cheap, not so good things in, and now all we are left with is a jar of disappointment.   Not that you would guess this from the current Nutella craze.  Clever marketing, Nestlé.  Well played.

Nutella is everywhere again.  It’s like a Nutella tsunami.  Special Nutella shops are popping up, Nutella is routinely stuffed in ridiculous amounts into croissants, brioche, cruffins, doughnuts, French toast, cannoli, gelato, and just about everything else.  Nutella in coffee …

You can have it, people.  I will always have fond memories of eating Nutella, straight from the jar, with a spoon, or slathering it thickly on toast back in the Golden Age of Nutella, now long gone.

But these days I make my own.  It is so simple and so worthwhile.  Try it.  It definitely contains plenty of hazelnuts and cacao.  It’s Better Than Nutella.  So good to eat, straight from the jar, with a spoon or … 🙂

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Sometimes I make a macro-friendly higher protein version so I have included that as part of the recipe.  If you like this one, you might also like the other high protein, macro-friendly chocolate nut spreads on the blog – the Rocher Spread and the Chocolate Nut Spread.

Vivitella! (aka Better Than Nutella)

Yield: Standard 440 grams / Protein Version 500 grams

Serving Size: 20 grams

Whether you make the standard recipe or the lower carb and higher protein version, this tastes purely of chocolate and hazelnuts with a nice level of sweetness. There is no milk in the standard version (it is dairy free) but the whey in the high protein version adds a little of the milky goodness one associates with Nutella.

For an extra lush version of the standard recipe, I occasionally make a dark caramel with the caster sugar before adding the hazelnuts. Simply turn the hazelnut caramel on to a baking sheet lined with silicone paper or a silpat mat. Leave to cool and harden before breaking into pieces and proceeding as per the recipe.


Vivi’s Nutella

310 grams hazelnuts, dry roasted and skin removed

100 grams caster sugar

30 grams unsweetened cacao (I use Valrhona)

Vivi’s Protein Nutella

310 grams hazelnuts, dry roasted and skin removed

100 grams Natvia Icing Mix (or sugar, if preferred)

30 grams unsweetened cacao (I use Valrhona)

60 grams unflavoured whey protein isolate


Place all ingredients in the bowl of a food processor.

Start processing the mixture. It will process down to a powder mix.

Keep processing until the hazelnuts and sugar reduce the mix down to a paste.

You want the spread to be lovely and smooth.

It may take a while. If your processor is not up to the job, transfer the mix to a blender and blend until smooth.

Transfer the nutella to clean glass jars and seal.

Store in the pantry.


Nutritional Profile

The following macronutrient profiles relate to each version of the recipe, as stated above.

For each version, the serving size is 20 grams.

Standard Version


Protein Enriched Version

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