Welcome to the Chocolate Chilli Mango recipe blog – my name is Viviane and I am a former astrophysicist, turned chocolatier.  Some years ago I started this blog to document a collection of recipes ranging from traditional cakes and pastries right through to macro-balanced fitness recipes you’ll never guess are not decadent treats.

You can also find details about my cookbook of macro-balanced protein baking recipes, Protein Baking Evolved.  Evolved because I’ve created the recipes from a foundation on classical techniques and food science to develop recipes that will taste great and not leave you feeling cheated out of your dessert!

You can find the book on the Chocolate Chilli Mango online shop.

My love of baking started at an early age and continues unabated.  My love of chocolate is all consuming – I just cannot imagine not working with chocolate.  If you’d like to see my chocolate creations or try them (Australia only), please check out the Chocolate Chilli Mango website or follow Chocolate Chilli Mango on social media (links below)!

Happy Baking!