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Welcome to Chocolate Chilli Mango.

Thank you for taking a moment to read the following important information about this blog. What follows relates to the copyright of its contents and the terms of use for you as a user of the blog, whether you are subscriber, a casual reader, or advertiser.



All content and images on this site are owned by Viviane Buzzi and Chocolate Chilli Mango®, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise explicitly indicated.

The name Chocolate Chilli Mango® is a registered trademark of Chocolate Chilli Mango and is therefore protected under Australian law.

If you wish to feature images or content on your blog or website, please contact me for permission first. You cannot re-transmit, print, or photocopy the materials on this blog for re-distribution in any medium for professional use without the written permission of Chocolate Chilli Mango®. This does not apply to personal (home) use, of course.

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